1) Yoga might be a spiritual practice...

... But it can come in handy in everyday life too


2) Like, shaving your legs in a tiny shower cubicle

Balancing on one foot in a wet slippery box with a blade in your hand? No problem

Photo: iStock

3) Picking stuff off the floor, when you don't want to get your feet wet

half moon yoga pose

4) And getting that hard-to-reach box in the supermarket

All those stretches have given you extra reach, unlike this poor lass....

5) Stressful situations (like this) don't faze you anymore

Just breathe..

computer crash

6) You don't need coffee any more...

'Cause you're on a yoga high

cat yoga

7) You've always got a party trick tucked up your sleeve...

Photo: yogafoot

8) And you've become extraordinarily good at Twister

Photo: Pinterest

9) Carrying your boyfriend home when he's had one too many drinks is no longer a problem

Thanks to all those chattaranga push ups...

strong woman lifting

10) And you can pretty much fall asleep anywhere

yoga savasana