The average life in 2017 is busy, stressful and non stop. If you never stop for a breath in your day to day life, it's very easy to forget that checking how happy you actually are is important and finding ways to make yourself even happier is even more so.

It's often our own happiness that we put to the back of our mind and the end of our list of priorities, but it should actually be very close to the front. Being mindful and aware of what does and doesn't make you happy not only makes you feel better, it makes you a more mindful person and a nicer person to others.

Here are 10 easy ways to make yourself happier each day and make the world around you happier at the same time.

1) Drink more water


Often when we're looking for a miracle way to cure our feelings of tiredness and lethargy, the most simple answer is the best. Drinking water throughout the day is not only great for your health in the longterm, it also keeps you feeling awake, controls your hunger cravings and makes you feel generally brighter.

12) Move your body, every day


Getting to the gym every single day, or even just getting out of the house for a run, can feel pretty time consuming, but it is important to make sure we use our bodies all the time and be 'good animals'. If you dont have the time to get a workout in each morning, just a 10 minute walk outside your house with no distractions can clear your body and mind and make you feel more relaxed for the day ahead.

3) Spend time in nature


It's a proven fact that humans feel happier and more content when in a natural space. One experiment found that just showing people photos of nature made them better working and more productive, compared to when they hadn't seen the photos. It's easy to get swallowed by the concrete jungle in which most of us live nowadays, but going somewhere green will always lift our sprits and make us feel good.

4) Do nice things for people


This one is simple, make other people feel good whenever possible. Just because you can.

5) Practice Yoga


Doing regular yoga makes you happier, improves your flexibility, builds muscle strength, perfects your posture, protects your spine, clear your mind, improves your mood.... If you haven't discovered yoga yet, you're in for a life changing treat.

6) Stay Curious


We all know those people who pretend to know about stuff in conversations, just to seem informed. They're the hardest people to talk to. People who ask questions and are open to learning about new stuff however are the ones that you want to hang out with again and again. Put this thinking into your every day life, its much better to stay curious and constantly learn about the world around you.

7) Sleep Under The Stars


....Or if you can't sleep under them, give them some of your time tonight. Taking some time out of your busy life to get outside and take look above you gives a much needed sense of perspective. It's so easy to be fooled into thinking your work/ money/ life worries are the most important thing in the universe - look up, remember how small you are and breathe.

8) Focus On The Good Stuff


Easier said than done right? Let's not beat around the bush, sometimes life stinks and the last thing we want to feel is thankful. Letting ourselves get bogged down by the s**t stuff however can often lead to a real life funk. Try and focus on the stuff that you know your genuinely lucky to have in your life and allow those to shine through.

9) Look After The Planet


Looking after the big rock on which we live is one of the most important things that we can all do to make the world a better place. It might not feel like your efforts can make a huge difference but trust us... they do. Whether it be reducing your carbon footprint, joining beach cleans, banning plastic or simply starting to recycle more, every time you make a good decision, not only do you help to planet, you make yourself feel more connected to it.

10) Disconnect


Instagram likes, WhatsApp groups, Facebook updates, 24 hour news, instant banking, fitness trackers, daily reminders.... just stop. Turn that phone off, close that laptop, walk outside and do something real. You'll soon really how much it all doesn't matter.