1) If you haven't been able to sit cross-legged since you were at school, then you should give yoga a try...

Girl Cross Legged

2) It's a really great workout

You will stretch muscles you didn't even know existed


3) You'll have much better posture

Particularly if you spend a lot of time hunched over a computer - adios back pain!


4) It will help you sleep better

Yes, all you insomniacs, it really will


5) You can still do it when you're nearly 100 years old

Tao Porchon Lynch from Westchester, New York is 96 years old and she's still teaching yoga classes. Watch this video to see just how amazing she is.

Photo: MSN

6) No one expects you to be amazing straight away

It takes years of practice. Literally years


7) But yoga isn't about being able to twist your body like a pretzel...

It's a whole lot more than that

Yoga pose pretzel

8) It will train you to stop thinking about work/school/the state of your apartment all the time

"Do my feet smell bad?"


9) And remind you to laugh at yourself sometimes

Photo: Little Green Dot

10) It will make you want to drink, smoke and eat less junk food

I know, it's awful, isn't it?


11) All those yoga pants you've been staring at online? Now you've got an excuse to buy them

Yoga pants

12) It will help ease all those aches and pains that just won't go away..

It's even helped people overcome illnesses and spinal problems


13) Combat the winter blues...

Found yourself crying over an insurance advert? It's time to start yoga


14) And get over the embarrassment of farting in class

Well, maybe not. Farting is always pretty funny.

15) Because you will always feel better after yoga than before you started

Photo: Yoga with Adriene

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