1) Total excitement. You're going to a different part of the planet, so cool!

2) Feeling smug about how well prepared you are for the next 14 hours...


3) Then having a last minute re-think about whether you want to upgrade to first class....

4) Before finally deciding that the extra money will be much better directed towards drinking

5) Which you will do continually until you fall asleep on the passenger next to you

6) Waking up an hour and a half later with a slight hangover - and you realise that there's still 12 HOURS LEFT TO GO!


7) You start to imagine what the lucky people in first class are doing right now. Probably having foot massages and drinking Mai Tais....

8) You won't get bogged down! You will use this time productively!

Reading in the airplane

9) Forget it! I'm so borrrred.


11) When will they let me out of this small metal box?!?!


12) Only one thing for it, back to drinking....

13) You will begin to lose your mind after sitting in one place for so long... thanks to the amount of miniature bottles of spirit you've consumed

14) With five hours to go, you start to get hungover dosey... for the second time.

15) One hour left. You're going to make it!!


16) FREEDOM. Never going to do that again! Ever! Fresh air!