1) Why?

2) Is it a health thing?

3) Did you do something really stupid while drunk?....

4) But seriously, do you, have like, a problem, or..?

5) Yeh, it is really healthy I guess...

Girl flying in a jump over dandelion field

6) You know, I gave up drinking too last year, lasted three weeks

7) You're going to be LOADED


8) Are you still going to come out with us all the time?


9) Sooo....this means your not doing rounds, I'm guessing....

10) I'm going to get another pint, sorry, don't judge me!

11) Do you have your car with you?


12) Can you keep an eye on my bag?


13) Oh no....You're going to remember all of this tomorrow....

14) I'm SO JEALOUS that you're going to feel fine in the morning!

15) lets get SHOTS!!!