1) You own far too many reusable bags


2) Instagram posts are regularly tagged #eatclean


3) You get really excited at the prospect of a good farmer’s market


4) You don't know what chia seeds are, but you want them in your life


5) The Whole Food Market is your happy place


6) You’ve started checking labels for ingredients whenever you buy food


7) You feel a little queasy at the idea of a ready meal

8) You don’t feel right unless you spend time in a green space at least once a week

9) Internet scrolling time usually means too much time on wellbeing blogs

kath eats real food

10) You’ve tried #meatfreemonday #fishfreefriday and every other internet campaign out there


11) You frequently at odds with yourself about where the fruit in the supermarket comes from and how much you really fancy a mango…

12) You find it super annoying when people tell you how healthy shop bought juices are….


13) And you don’t understand how anyone can say they don’t have time to cook

14) You can reel five superfoods off the top of your head


15) You own at least one of these books

Helena Goes Places

16) And you followed Ella BEFORE the book deal