1) What do you eat? Just salad?

2) Do you miss steak?


3) Do you miss burgers?


4) If the animal was killed on a nice farm, would you eat it?

5) You know, we're supposed to be carnivores?

6) Do you make your partner cook all vegetarian food?

7) Do you feed your dog vegetarian food?


8) I think I could try being a vegetarian ...

9) But I'd sometimes still eat chicken

10) What about all the plants you're killing?

11) Where do you get protein from?


12) Are you really tired all the time?


13) Oooo, look, bacon....


14) If I gave you £100, would you eat this bacon?..

15) ...£1000?

16) So you're definitely a vegetarian forever?

17) But, you still eat fish?