9:00am - Today is the day! New healthy start!

10:00am - Time To fill these cupboards with asparagus and quinoa!


11:30am - Hmmm, what do these blogs say about healthy eating again?

12:00pm - It's not called healthy anymore? It's 'clean'... Interesting


12:30pm - Lots of water....I can do that

1:00pm - This lunch doesn't look much like it did on that beautiful goddess ladies' blog...

1:30pm - ..... And the water's hit


2:30pm - I'll go for a run, that's what healthy people do


2:45pm - This is fine.... This is fun...

2:46pm - Oh god. I'M SO UNFIT!


3:30pm - Wow, exercise makes you hungry. I'll have a healthy snack, like almonds or a banana....


4:00pm - How did you get here??!!"

5:30pm - OW, ow, ow, muscles have seized up from run. Goodbye upstairs of my house

6:30pm - Am I allowed to still go out for a glass of wine with people, while being healthy?

7:30pm - I have been pretty good today, I'll meet them in a bit

8:00pm - Woah. That run has really made me sleepy..

8:30pm - ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz


Next morning - I feel great! Time for a healthy breakfast and green shake!