1) You're Instagram profile has the perfect mix of landscapes, sunsets, selfies and food


2) You can spend a good 15 minutes choosing the right filter...


3) And you can recognise the filters other people have used


4) You're prepared to look stupid in real life to get the perfect shot

5) And sometimes when you're somewhere pretty, your first thought is "Instagram is gonna love this"


6) You look over your own profile to figure out if your 'vibe' is right

7) Stuck on the bus? Scroll through feed...


8) In a long queue? Scroll through feed...


9) Friends gone to the bar at a pub? Scroll through feed...

woman holding mobile phone

10) You've sneakily deleted photos before if they haven't got a 'Like' within the first hour

11) Yes, you have taken a photo of your food at a restaurant before....

12) Rooftop with a good view? You're already up there with your phone ready


13) The worst thing in the world? When your awesome picture won't fit into the little square properly...


13) You feel intense pride when you come up with a super witty caption...

13) And you have to remind yourself to control hashtags


14) You claim that Instagram is the best social network to everyone....

15) But when your photo is really amazing?


16) ... It's time to hit that 'Share with Facebook' button