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If came from outer space and your first experience of yoga was photos on Instagram, you'd think it was only practiced on beaches and clifftops with idyllic sunsets in the background. But what about city dwellers?

yoga street art 3

Yoga instructor Soren Buchanan decided urban yoga could be beautiful too, so takes photos of herself practicing in front of these amazing street art murals in Chicago.

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She grew up in Florida with an art teacher father and sign painter mother, so has always been surrounded by visual arts.

yoga street art 1

Yoga came about when she moved north to Chicago. “I spent my first Midwestern winter shocked, frozen and hiding from the cold," Soren told Instagram in an interview. “I knew I needed to adapt and create my own warmth. Yoga was the answer."

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She scours the city for beautiful spots and wants to create something even more beautiful by using her body to interact with the image.

yoga street art 8

She hopes to not only create beautiful images but promote the street artists' work through her Instagram snaps.

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