We think that these amazing cakes are far too pretty to be eaten.

The mandala inspired desserts, made by LA chef Stephen McCarty are connecting the gap between cookery and art in a pretty spectacular way.

These cakes are inspired by intricate Buddhist sand designs, which are quickly erased by the incoming tide

McCarty, a raw vegan chef, creates the cakes using natural fruit extracts and plants, with no cooking necessary.

He took took his design inspiration from Buddhist monks who create intricate sand designs, which are quickly erased by the incoming tide.

stephen mccarty

Just like the sand drawing are erased by the tide, these cake designs soon disappear when people get hungry!

The cakes come in a range of awesome flavours, from banana jungle nut butter chocolate cheesecake to coconut lime raw vegan cheesecake and acai blueberry mango cheesecake


Forget rainbow layer cakes, we're going to be trying to recreate these colourful beauties this in the kitchen this weekend!