cheese truck

Street food has sky-rocketed in recent years as one of Britain's favourite ways to eat.

Forget greasy burger and chip vans. These are plush, shiny food trucks serving you gourmet food for a quarter of the price you'd pay in a restaurant.

We thought we had our favourites - until The Cheese Truck came along. This photo pretty much says it all...

cheese truck

Founded by a cheese-loving Brit called Matthew Carver, the truck serves up delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, stuffed with bacon and pear or chorizo and rocket. It's your choice.

We can't help but think they look like the best cheese on toast..... ever.


They use solely British sourced cheese to create these culinary delights. It took Matt three months of cheese sampling (hard job) and learning about baking bread to create these unbelievable sandwiches.

cheese truck

You can find them at Maltby Street Market, Urban Food Fest, Brixton Night Market and Camden Town Brewery in London, plus Glastonbury and other festivals around the UK.

Keep up with where they are on Facebook and Twitter here.

To finish, we'll just leave you with this....

the cheese truck

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