Do you have a Queen Bee boss?

Maybe not, as new research suggests just that the dreaded nasty female boss might be just a myth after all.

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Queen Bee syndrome is a theory that suggests that women keep other females down in the work place in order to succeed and climb the ladder themselves.

Basically, it says that women in senior roles don't share their knowledge to help their fellow female colleagues to succeed. Think of The Devil Wears Prada and you're halfway there.


Over in New York however, the Colombia Business School have been pretty busy over the last 20 years studying 1,500 companies.

They reportedly suggest that the reason there are fewer women in senior roles is because of the determination of men to try to 'keep control', not because of any woman against woman issues.

The notion female senior executives are unwilling to support other women needs to be put to rest...

According to the Guardian, the research team reported: “Women face an implicit quota, whereby firms seek to maintain a small number of women on their top management team, usually only one."


Of course, this is nothing new to us here at Cooler. Women are great leaders and mentors with no time for bitchiness in the workplace!

This report just backs that up. Hate to say we told you so...