Running is escapism for many people. It's a way of getting some alone time away from the complications of daily life.

For ten minutes, half an hour or more, you can forget about that dilemma at work or the fact that your housemate never remembers to take out the bins.

This mini-documentary by filmmakers Matan Rochlitz & Ivo Gormley gives a really interesting insight into humanity - through running.

It doesn't matter if you're sweeping the roads or your the chairman of Lloyd's, you've got to be passionate about what you do

They follow runners around London, asking them personal questions while they pace their routes.

Most people, understandably, don't want to answer questions like 'do you ever want to get married?' while jogging.

However, some of the answers are surprisingly open and brutally honest.

As the runners let their guard down, they reveal personal thoughts they would never normally pour out to a stranger, let alone a stranger with a camera.

It reveals an interesting snapshot of humanity - from parenting to sex life to depression - it's definitely worth ten minutes of your time.

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