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The room is totally silent. You're twisted into Happy Baby pose leaving your butt exposed to the open - and all of sudden it's happening. You can't stop it. You farted.

A quick glance around to see if anyone noticed. Did that person just turned out? Is she wrinkling her nose?

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Why do we fart in yoga? Well, it's pretty straight forward. Twisting your body into poses it used to. All this moving around has an affect on your internal organs - and out pops the occasional fart.

It's particularly common in Happy Baby pose, downward facing dog and wind-relieving pose (yes, that's a real pose!)

Yoga Class Farting

But sometimes it gets worse than that. Ever experienced the vaginal fart? Maybe put down your food before you continue reading this. Yep, it happens all the time.

Fanny farts, lady bubbles, whatever you want to call them. They mostly occur after you've been in an inversion like shoulder stand or plough pose.

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If you want some really in-depth advice on how to prevent vaginal farting, Aunt Yoga has got some interesting tips - some women apparently wear tampons to prevent it, even when they're not on their period?! We won't be recommending that method.

So, how should you go about handling your yoga class fart?

1. Pretend it didn't happen

2. Blame it on someone else by staring at them

3. Laugh and say, "Sorry guys! Too many beans last night..."

Alternatively, these guys have some useful advice....