Illustration: Andy J Miller

It's hard to stay motivated and creative all the time.

Lost in a world of social media and constant distractions where do you go when you're feeling a bit stuck for inspiration?

8 Things You Definitely Shouldn't Do When You're On A Uni Deadline

For the days when we find ourselves lacking a little in creativity, we're loving this handy infographic from Entrepreneur Magazine.

It may well be just what you need...

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Stay away from your phone at bed time to avoid distraction and disruptive sleep.

According to the NHS website, the artificial light in phones and tablets could block the effects of brain cells which help promote restful sleep.

Try reading a book or meditating before bed instead for optimum rest and better creativity the next day.


Creativity is born in some unlikely places.

Listen up, look around you and keep a notebook close to hand. You never know what might get your creative juices flowing.

Keep moving! Cycle to work, take the stairs and have regular breaks from your desk. Even just a 30 minute jog will boost your ideas and keep you motivated.


Make sure you bounce your ideas off each other and respect everyone else's views. A creative environment flows well and is open minded.

List every idea that comes to mind. When you feel you should stop, keep going

If you're still struggling, try the mini exercises below for ultimate creativity.

With a bit of luck, writers block and a blank mind will now be a thing of the past!