There are two kind of people in this world. One group woke up this morning having never heard of Courtney Conlogue, with no idea of who she is or what she looks like.

The second group wiped the sleep from their eyes knowing that Courtney Conlogue is one of the best pro surfers in the world right now. She currently sits at the top of the World Surf League rankings with a healthy lead over her rivals.


They’ll know that the 23 year old American is a dedicated athlete, taking her personal fitness as seriously – if not more so - than anybody in the game. In 2015, Conlogue was the second best female surfer in the world, according to the WSL rankings, only being pipped to top spot by Carissa Moore.

However, by the time the day is out, both groups will not only know who she is, but will have seen Courtney Conlogue naked.


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This unparalleled voyeurism comes courtesy of the ESPN Body Issue 2016. That’s right, it’s that time of year when the American sports magazine persuades some top level sports starts to whip their kit off and get naked.

"Conlogue lives and breathes surfing. Her consistent success speaks for itself."


Whether this is all in the name of appreciating the natural form on the worlds greatest athletes or an excuse to have a quick perve at some famous people is entirely up to your own interpretation, of course.

Previous years have seen the likes of surfers Coco Ho, Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore, snowboarders Gretchen Bleiler, Jamie Anderson, Louie Vito, Elena Hight, Amy Purdy, and Nitro Circus stars Travis Pastrana and Lyn-z Adams Wawkins get nude for the pages of the annual issue.


Here at Mpora, we’re big fans of Courney Conlogue. She lives and breathes surfing, and her consistent success in the best known surfing competition in the world really does speak for itself.

As such, we’re not entirely sure why she’d choose to disrobe entirely for a magazine. Ultimately, it’s her choice. Who are we to tell top level surfers what to do with their time? We’d just rather see Courtney ripping on a board than skipping in the nude.


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