This week in the UK is Women's Sport Week, an initiative set up in 2015 to get more people talking about female sport and fitness .

It’s Women’s Sport Week…. Here’s Why That’s More Important Than Ever

Women's Sport Week aims to get more women involved in fitness and to encourage more transparency and discussion about the fundamental inequalities between the genders in sport. Over the next few days, all mainstream media outlets will take part in debates, content, events and important discussions on the future of women in sport across the media.

On Friday, we can all join the initiative and help women's sport in one very easy (and comfortable) way, by simply turning up to work in our gym clothes.

Only 31 per cent of women fit regular exercise into their work week, as opposed to 41 pr cent of men. Whether it be the juggling nature of many women's routines, or a lack of confidence in participating in sport, or a feeling that many sports aren't for them, there are clearly many reasons why we're not moving our bodies as often as the boys.

Regular exercised and practicing team sports is proven to benefit you in both your mental and physical health, as well as building strong social and teamwork skills. If women are missing out on this ,we need to find out why and change it. On Friday we can do so by going to work in our working out clothes, celebrating women's sport and sharing this celebration together online.

"Share all your photos with us on social media and we’ll share our favourites" explains Women's Sport Week on their site. "Make your photos extra special by using our photo-frame, especially created for Women’s Sport Week available through this link."

Championing female fitness and spend a whole day in our comfy yoga pants? You can count us in...