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Recipe books for athletes and sporty types tend to make you feel inspired and bright, as well as healthy and clean.

One thing they never seem to achieve however, is to make you feel as though you want to rush home and make the recipe on the page as soon as possible.

That's why we're super excited about the new cookbook Run Fast, Eat Slow from Elyse Kopecky and Shalane Flanagan.

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Without the phrase 'light and lean' mentioned once in the whole cookbook, these recipes are for women who spend so much time torching calories that they don't want to count them, yet they still want to perform to their best athletically and eat healthily.

We want to show women everywhere that by indulging in whole foods, they not only will feel better, they will look better and train better...

Run Fast Eat Slow

The book's site explains the thinking behind the recipes;

"We decided we wouldn’t focus on counting calories and carbs versus protein or the latest fleeting, foolish diet trend. We would show women everywhere that by indulging—yes, indulging—in whole foods, they not only will feel better, they will look better and train better."

These recipes are full of the right fats that we need to get out there and train hard.

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There's recipes for sweet potato frittata, berry crumble, freshly baked baguettes and braised chicken with root vegetables, among many other options.

Finally, recipes for sporty women that aren't based around losing weight or look better, but feeling great and but performing better instead!