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We all know the feeling. You've signed up to a gym, you go religiously for three months - and then you stop. You are sick of it.

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The classes have become monotonous, they just aren't on at the times you want and you don't want to see that same treadmill ever again.

Class Pass may have just come up with the answer to your woes. It's a simple concept. You sign up to to Class Pass and it allows you access to a huge number of studios, gyms and fitness classes around your area.

Photo: Class Pass

So, if you want to try a yoga class or circuits session in a new studio, you can and it's already included in your monthly pass. It's unlimited so you could go to 30 classes a month and really make the most of it

(Maybe don't do that - imagine the ache!)

Class Pass is also good because you can break free from the same old local aerobics and bum 'n' tums classes either. Try everything from martial arts to pole dancing to strength training and cycling.


The downside? It is £89 per month, which is a lot of money. But sometimes a yoga class costs £12 per class every week - plus a gym membership on top of that and you're monthly fitness spending is already pretty pricey. So maybe it is worth it?

Right now in the UK, it's also only available in London, which sucks for non-Londoners but you never know where it'll arrive next.

What do you think? Would you give Class Pass a go?