Leticia Bufoni Body Issue ESPN 2015

Every year, ESPN release the Body Issue. Dozens of world-class athletes strip off for a naked photo shoot for the annual special edition magazine.

In the past, they've included surfers Stephanie Gilmore and Coco Ho, tennis player Venus Williams and snowboarder Jamie Anderson.

Dallas Friday Body Issue ESPN 2015

Now, this year skater Leticia Bufoni has stripped to the nude and posed with her skateboard for the magazine.

Other female athletes featured in this year's issue include Dallas Friday, an American wakeboarder, and Brittney Griner, a famous basketball player.

Brittney Griner Body Issue ESPN 2015

The big question surrounding the Body Issue every year is whether the images are sexualising these women, rather than appreciating them for their athletic prowess?

It's a topic that's been hashed over again and again. Many argue (quite rightly) that getting naked and posing with a skateboard is degrading to women and undermines them.

stan wawrinka Body Issue ESPN 2015

But then others say, because the Body Issue depicts a mixture of men and women, it's an appreciation of the human form, regardless of gender.

Leticia has posed semi-naked before for Men's Health, so is this really a surprise?

What do you think? Are women being objectified in the Body Issue? We'd love to hear your thoughts and comments below.