Photo: Starbucks

You might not think Starbucks are the healthiest option when it comes to your morning coffee break.

But the American coffee chain has decided to branch out into the "health market" with low-cal nutrious smoothies. Yes, really.

Flavours will include Sweet Greens, Strawberry and Mango Carrot, made from Greek non-fat yogurt and cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice. You can add options like kale or protein powder for extra.


Starbucks have been jumping on the healthy eating band wagon for a while now.

In American stores, they sell things like edamame hummus and thai peanut wraps for under 500 calories.

Unfortunately these new low-cal smoothies will only be available in the Pacific Northwest and California in America.

We can't help but think they aren't going to be as healthy as they say they are...


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