Online fitness expert Cassey Ho, creator of the awesome Blogilates has shot her online critics and fat shamers down, with the clever use of Photoshop.

Cassey, a fitness trainer who runs a channel on YouTube and has a huge Instagram following, noticed a recent rise in abuse from followers.

Messages to the trainer ranged from the tamer, "You need to get rid of that belly fat" to the ludicrous "You shouldn't give advice when you're so fat."

Obviously Cassey is far from overweight (how can we get those leg muscles?!), but still felt affected by the comments.

At some point everyone's been body-shamed or bullied

Feeling attacked by the online bullies, she decided to retaliate through posting this photoshopped Instagram below, in which she digitally altered her body to change all parts that her bullies had been criticising.

As expected...the bullying didn't stop.


"Within the comments, you could see society's problems right there!" Cassey said in an interview about the post.

"At some point everyone's been body-shamed or bullied, so it hit a lot of people."

Once her clever Instagram trickery had been noticed, Cassey posted this video on her YouTube channel to explain the picture and express how hurtful those comments had been.

We think her experiment is super eye opening and hope that its made at least some of those online bullies see the error of their ways.

Thanks to Cassey for standing up for real, healthy bodies!