Photo: Dustin Main

Meet Dustin. He's 34 years-old, he lives in Portland, Oregon and he's looking for a date.

So instead of doing what everyone else does (scrolling through Tinder, asking friends to set them up, Facebook stalking crushes) Dustin made a website called Date An Adventurer.

Photo: Armosa Studios

It's basically a dating CV. Dustin lists out all his interests - indie documentaries, photography, hiking, personal growth - plus the kind of qualities he'd like in a future partner.

There's even pie charts (yes, pie charts!) revealing some interesting character traits (he would much prefer to spend time in a coffee shop than a bar) plus character references from a whole bunch of his friends.

Photo: Dustin Main

He spends his time story-telling and taking photos all over the world. We think that's his job, anyway. In the past year, he's lived in Canada, USA, Germany and Burma.

So, what qualities is Dustin looking for in his adventurous female future date? Well, active, independent and smart are all up there.

It's quite a cute idea - if not a little weird, particularly because you have to submit a form about yourself to qualify for a date (!)

What do you think? Is this a cool idea or just a little bit too weird for you? Let us know in the comments below.