Are you a short snoozer or do you get a good night's sleep most nights of the week?

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You might think six hours sleep is enough, but a new study has shown that getting under eight hours a night might be harming your body in an unexpected way.


Actress Jodie Kidd (above) slept for six hours on five consecutive nights as well as eight hours on five consecutive nights, to measure the effect different amounts of sleep has on our skin.

Some women had a 127 per cent increase in spots!

The picture on the left shows Kidd after eight hours sleep, while on the right she is surviving off only six.

What the study discovered was that every time we skimp on sleep, we cause noticeable short term damage to our skin


On average skin showed that fine lines and wrinkles increased in number by 45 per cent while spots increased by 13 per cent.

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Some of the women tested, however, had a 127 per cent increase in spots and an increase in red areas by 68 per cent.

We've always thought that we're pros at hiding the late nights at night at work, but maybe our skin has been giving the game away all along!


Away from a change in skin quality, the study showed that when surviving on only six hours sleep a night, the women felt 33 per cent less attractive by the end of each day.

We think that we're going to be paying a little more attention to actually getting that 320 minutes kip a night from now on...