Scientists have found a strand of seaweed that tastes exactly like bacon when fried!

The Cooler team has quite a few vegetarians amongst its ranks, and we are very excited about the prospect of enjoying bacon sandwiches again...

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'Dulse' seaweed, a red algae that grows on the north coast of the Atlantic. Not only does it apparently taste just like everyone's favourite breakfast meat, but is also super healthy with twice the nutritious value of kale.

dulse seaweed

As well as cut down the demand for pork production and making us healthier, the seaweed may also have some pretty major impacts on other environmental issues.

It has twice the nutritious value of kale

Researchers at Oregon State University have patented a variety of the seaweed that's extra quick to grow and claim that by farming it, we can clean our oceans.

Seaweed farming thrives off the nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous and contaminants like mercury and lead that commercial farming pumps into the sea, while neutralising the imbalance that the nutrients create for sea life.


We have yet to find a meat equivalent that could actually trick us in a food taste (although vegan pulled pork came super close!) but we holding out hope on this new option.

Definitely going to try and taste this new superfood as soon as we can!