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Everyone is guilty of getting the munchies when they are drunk. How many times have you picked up a mountain of cheesy chips on the way home from a night out?

Well, a new study suggests that vegetarians go a step further. One third of vegetarians have admitted to eating meat on nights out, according to recent research by

eating meat when drunk vegetarian

In a study of 1,789 vegetarians, 34 per cent admitted eating meat every time they got drunk, while 26 per cent did fairly often and 18 per cent did occasionally.

The most popular choice of meat was kebabs first and beef burgers coming close second.

69 per cent said that they did not tell others that they ate meat, with only 31 per cent stating that they did.


Here in the Cooler office, we are a divided bunch. Some of us vegetarians never eat meat (even when drunk), while others have definitely snuck in an ill-advised burger after one too many margaritas.

How about you? Do you eat meat when you are drunk?