If a random person tried to stare deep into your eyes for more than ten seconds, you’d probably think they were nuts (or that they really fancied you).

However, gazing into a stranger’s eyes might not be as bad as you think. This videos shows a social experiment where ten strangers had to look into each other’s eyes for five minutes. The results are brilliant.

This Beautiful Video Will Make You Think Differently About How You Breathe

Everyone clearly felt super awkward at first, but they all end up smiling so it couldn’t have been that horrific. Plus, we think a couple of dates were definitely set up after the gazing session.

They also reach a pretty obvious conclusion – we could do this everyday but we don’t, because we’re so busy getting on with our lives.

Let’s slow down the pace and do some staring, shall we? But maybe start with your loved ones. You don’t want to be that odd person staring at everyone on your commute into work.