While most sports are becoming pretty open and accepted by everyone, pole dancing still has a little bit of a taboo surrounding it. Through it's more sexual connotations, it's an activity often not seen as a sport.

People like Greta Pontarelli are changing all of that. Apporaching pole dancing with the focus of a top athlete, the strength of a bodybuilder and the flexibility of a gymnast, she is showing the world that it is definitely a sport worth taking seriously.

A fact that is even more amazing because she only learned to pole dance in the year before her 60th birthday.


Around her 59th birthday, Greta was diagnosed with Osteoporosis, a condition that destroys bone density. To combat the illness, she was told to start building up strength through strength training.

“To strengthen my bones, I needed strenuous exercise, something that would involve lifting weights, " says Greta. “But just weight-lifting is very boring. That's why I looked into dancing with a pylon."

Inspired by the chance to move artistically while building strength and powered by her experience in gymnastics, Greta found that pole dancing was the perfect choice.

“I trained for a few hours every day, " says Greta. “It was very difficult, but also unbelievably wonderful. I even formed some sort of an addiction to it. After a few months, the moves became easier. Things started to work."

“Many start to think that even at 40 or 45, it's already too late to begin something new, to find a new dream" says Greta.

"I am glad I am able to convince them that it's never too late to realize your dream and be happy."

Greta, we think you rule.