Yoga and surfing go together perfectly - but sometimes it's difficult to practice all the time. Maybe you haven't found a class that suits you? Perhaps you're travelling all the time?

Yoga teacher, surfer and Roxy ambassador Lucy Foster-Perkins has put together a short 10 minute video for us, specifically aimed at female surfers.

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While it's best to practice yoga with a teacher there to correct you, videos are a great place to start.

You could practice this sequence either as a warm-up before you go surfing - or for a post-surf stretch.

It will help stretch your muscles, as well as build strength and balance for your next surf session.

Lucy Foster Perkins Yoga For Female Surfers Cooler Video

Even if you don't surf, this is a great sequence to practice at home or in the garden.

You don't need to have any previous experience with yoga. You just need a yoga mat (or towel) and your laptop.

Lucy runs classes abroad as well as a regular Yoga For City Surfers class in London. We've been - and it is really great!

You can check out more yoga videos and information about Lucy on her website: