Selfies- Annoying, yes. Fatal? Apparantly so!

While the world has been getting its pants in a twist over being eaten by a great white after Mick Fanning's near miss during a surf contest, the real threat of 2015 has gone unnoticed.

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So far this year, 12 people have been killed by selfies, compared to the eight attacked by sharks...


Following these selfie deaths (most recently, an Indian tourist fell to his death while trying to take a selfie in front of the Taj Mahal) action is being taken against the vanity photo.

The 'Selfie Safe' campaign has been launched

In Colorado, a wildlife has had to be closed to stop people taking selfies in from of dangerous bears.

Over in Russia, the 'Selfie Safe' campaign has been launched, warning people to not take selfies in situation such as on moving vehicles and in front of dangerous animals!


While this all sounds a little insane, numbers don't lie!

Death-by-selfie doesn't sound too great to anyone, so lets all be extra safe when we're on the camera setting in the future....