Talking metal with Carmen Beccaro

Photo: Zimtstern

After the Jib Days, we caught up with Zimstern rider ti find out what all that metal hitting stuff is all about…

Interview by Anna Langer, photos by Zimtstern & Dominic Zimmermann

Photo: Zimtstern

Hey Carmen, you co-hosted the Jib Days in Kleinwalsertal, how was it?
The Jib Days were great! The weather was on our sides until the very last minute and the set up was super fun, the girls really enjoyed. The hotel was simply amazing (including food) and the girls had one hell of a time as far as I know!

What was your personal highlight?
Apart from the Suite Gaia [Giacomazzi] and I stayed, definitely the Cash for Tricks Session. The girls pulled out one banger after the next and me and Gaia had the best time shouting stupid stuff through the megaphone, while giving out money for all cool tricks!

How did the other girls like it?
The feedback was great, making us very happy. I think the “format” of the Jib Days just worked really well: girls who ride together, have fun, push each other and learn some new tricks. Without pressure or a limited amount of time, just shredding and that the whole day long!

Do you think there should be more events like that?
Oh yes, I think that would be great! I wish there would be more of these small events… just riding together without any pressure and having fun. And if such a session is being filmed and photographed as well, even better! The Crytal Ground Family got it just right.

Do you think, that would help the girls scene overall?
I don’t know if it would help the scene in general, but for sure some of the girls, which will probably give back to the scene as well. Small events are there to push girls and build up courage to try new stuff and maybe share some tips among each other.

What’s your opinion on the girls’ scene at the moment?
There was a lot going on in female snowboarding over the last couple of years. The level is rising constantly although I have to admit that I don’t know much about contests and the girls doing them. But I love watching girls’ movie parts and have the feeling those are getting more and more every year, especially with the Peepshow and Lipstick girls. Just great what they’re doing!

Photo: Dominic Zimmermann

How did you get into snowboarding yourself?
My family has a house in Wallis [a region in Switzerland], where we used to go to for at least 3 weeks every year to go skiing. I think I was around 8 years old, when I first stepped on a snowboard, thanks to my brother… As little sister I always wanted to have and do what the big brother did!

When did you get into Jibbing so much?
That must have been at 15 or 16 in the Engelberg resort, I think the slopes got a bit boring. I used to sit on top of the park with my friend to watch the guys – there weren’t many girls in the parks back then yet – jibbing around.. At some point we took all our courage and threw ourselves on the, for those times, huuuge rails (up-straight-curve or something like that)… But we loved it and I still can’t get enough!

Photo: Dominic Zimmermann

Talking from my own experience, I’d say bails are much more painful on rails and boxes than jumping or riding pipe. Why do you love it so much again?

Photo: Dominic Zimmermann

Oh I wouldn’t necessarily say that, a fall in a hard, icy pipe or overshooting a kicker can be just as painful! I’d say jibbing is more creative, you can hit a rail in so many different way – something I personally can’t say about the pipe. So that’s why I love jibbing!

Your boyfriend is a pro rider too, how does it work being a pro snowboarder and being with one?
I’m loving it! We both have time for ourselves and when we’re together, we enjoy it even more! You know exactly, why the other person wants to spend so much time on their board, and can support each other!

We recently had a silly discussion about who are the best lovers – surfers, skater or snowboarders. Your vote?
Snowboarders! Or Skaters?! Or maybe the surfer after all?! Hmm..

What do you have planned for the rest of the season?
I just arrived in Bear Mountain with Gaia and will stay the next 2 weeks to take some pictures and film a bit. After that I’ll be heading back to Laax, where I’ll spend the rest of the season, looking especially forward to the Springsession there! And to blend out, we’ll have some jib sessions on the passes.

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