Back to Winter with Katie Bundell

While the first Euro snow event,, is about to kick off in Zürich, we thought it’s time to give you some snow love again as well and interviewed Tignes-Spirit rider Katie Blundell.

Interview by Corinne Mayhew

Where did you spend your summer?
Perisher, Australia.

What’s the terrain like there?
Kinda weird, funny trees, rocks and bushes everywhere! The runs aren’t that long or steep but there is a lot of jibbing everywhere. It’s just quite a fun mountain, a no pressure mountain! They have wombats and possums roaming around too which is pretty cool.

Did you have a break after your Northern hemisphere winter?
Yes, three weeks back in the UK, in sunny Devon!

Do back to back winters take their toll?
Not so far, I find it easier to pick up where I left off if I don’t have a massive break in between seasons. As soon as I stop riding, all my injuries start to hurt more!!

Do you ever miss the summer?
Yeah, a lot. I love summer. But at the moment snowboarding is more important, summer will always be there! Even if I just get a week or two weeks fix of sunshine at some point it will be enough to keep me happy!

How does it feel to be current BRITS BIG AIR champ?
Haha, yeah still can’t quite believe it, really really happy! Although I still feel that other riders deserved it more than me, think I was just mega lucky on the day!!

What did you do to train and prepare for the BRITS last year?
Pretty much didn’t drink till after the Brits, think that really helped!! We went to Tahoe and rode A LOT, pushing myself to try new things and hit things out of my normal comfort zone. I try to at least attempt something new everyday, no matter how small. I also entered a couple of smaller comps in the states to try and learn how to control my nerves! Still got so nervous at the Brits though, so it didn’t really work…

Has there been a lot of pressure to perform since the BRITS?
No, not at all. Don’t think anyone in Oz has heard of the Brits and definitely haven’t heard of me. So there is no pressure from anyone here,  I’m just having fun! I think if I do some indoor comps when I get back to the UK I’ll get nervous and I’ll put the pressure on myself then.

Where’s your favourite place to ride?
Lots of places for different reasons. Falls Creek Australia! Such a good atmosphere in the park, everyone’s so friendly. And when I’m in a happy park, I progress more. Then Northstar in Tahoe, just because the park is epic. And of course Tignes, it’s where I learnt to ride and I have spent a lot of time there.

Apart from riding for, are there any other sponsors in the pipeline?
Yeah Ride Snowboards really kindly hooked me up after the Brits, really stoked about it! I also got hook ups with Dalikfodda and Drop googles and gloves. And we will see what the future holds!!

What’s the trick that never sticks?
Lots of them! Front Nose or a true Front Board…what ever you want to call it! I think they look really styley when tweaked out on the nose, but I’ve always struggled with them as I tend to do them on my tail. Been working on them this season!

Who’s your favourite person to ride with and why?
Rich, because he’s cool, hahaha! I like to ride with anyone who wants to have fun, try new things and doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

What’s on the cards for next winter?
I’m going back to Tahoe. Going to do some filming with Heel Edge Projects as there is a big girlie crew heading out there. We are going to do lots of road trips, explore the states a bit more. I’d also like to get more into my street riding next season, Tahoe’s the place to do it! I want to learn lots of new tricks in the park too and also want to concentrate on getting cooler style into my riding!!

Are there any projects/films you’re currently working on?
My boyfriend (Rich Jonas) and I are working on a mini edit from Perisher so far this season, should be out soon! And Lynsey Ashdown and Helen Fox are currently busy putting together this seasons Heel Edge Projects, an all girls UK snowboard movie which I’m involved in to be released autumn 2010.

The world is ending tomorrow. List 10 things you’ve got to do today!
Eat lots of chocolate/cake/ice cream because it wouldn’t matter if I turned into a whale, then maybe have a bath of chocolate, try and see all my friends and family to say goodbye, throw myself off some big kickers and try stuff that would probably finish me off anyway, get all my money (which isn’t much) and buy something really extravagant, maybe do a naked run on the mountain just to see what it feels like, quickly travel to a far off land for the day, maybe Timbucktu, do a sky dive and base jumping and go to a really good party.

Skinnies or baggies. Where do you stand on that?
Skinnies, well, I would like to go skinnier but I have to wear knee braces on both legs from old injuries so I cant. But you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Any other sports float your boat?
Gymnastics, dance (is that a sport?), trampolining, anything that’s kinda acrobatic and creative.

Do you think it’s difficult being a British snowboarder?
Never really thought about it so I guess not! Its maybe a bit harder for us than people who have the mountains on there doorsteps. But we have snow domes that have snow all year round!!!

Are there enough developmental projects available in the UK for snowboarding?
Yeah, there is heaps of stuff going on for snowboarding. Camps, lessons, competitions etc. There is a lot more girl specific stuff now too. I think Heel Edge Projects in particular has really motivated UK female snowboarders to get filming and to get involved in the girls snowboard scene. Its definitely helped push my riding this last season.

Do you need to be a certain type of person to be a competitive snowboarder?
I think so. Reckon you need to be someone that likes to push themselves and has a drive to learn new things and better themselves and isn’t afraid to try things.

Anything else you’d like to say??!
Thank you, happy shredding!!

Thank you Katie!!

Check out Katie’s most recent edit and whet your appetite for the onslaught of winter!

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