Nikita Insider Interview: Clair Bidez

Nikita first announced the addition of US rider Clair Bidez to its snowboard team back in March 2008. Clair’s strong riding skills, ambition and love of the snowboarding is admired not only by Nikita, but also her fellow snowboarders. She is a fantastic ambassador for Nikita and we thought it would be great to showcase a more personal account of Clair and who better to interview her than her boyfriend Ian Fohrman.

Name: Clair Bidez

Birthdate: August 7, 1987

Home mountain: Copper Mountain, Colorado

What is your favorite part of sliding around on the snow for a living?
That I slide around on snow for a living.

If you could be any character in history who would you be?
I would be a space explorer from the future.

Now that you’re a homeowner what’s your biggest worry?
My biggest worry being a homeowner is…. That I now live so close to where I ride! No, that’s not a worry… Dirty bathrooms and dishes!

Thing you’re the most excited about?
That I live so close to where I ride and I’m going to be able to do it so much more!

If you could create one reality television show how would it work?
It would be called ‘The Realer World’ and would feature seven people from all walks of life (from upper-class America) coming together and trying to keep it real for twelve weeks in a famished African village. Season two can be in Ecuador.

The G8 Conference is going on right now. What issues should be discussed?
It would be incredible if world leaders got together to discuss and make a solid plan of action for a sustainable future. Among the greater tragedies of continued global warming, I’ll definitely be out of a job.

What is the last thing you’ve created?
Today I created an air to fakie melon, and last night I created some words on the pages of my journal, and before that I created a scrumptious chicken dinner.

Are you a hero or a villain?
Although I sometimes wonder if it would be more fun to be a villain, I try to be a hero. Flying around and rescuing people in a sweet cape sounds pretty fun, too.

What is your favorite mammal?

Tie between turtles and lizards – can’t choose one, lizard.

What can’t you remember?
I remember saying the other day, “I can never remember ________.” And now I can’t remember it. That’s a true story, too.

What is your best recipe?
Debatable. Maybe my chocolate chip cookies, maybe my salmon, maybe that pork chili I made a few weeks ago. I think the chili has been my greatest success to date, though.

Biggest regret?
Not speaking up when I should have about various issues. I’ve been learning that if something doesn’t feel right, I need to say something to fix it, understand it better, or at least have my point of view be known.

How do you keep yourself awake when you’re driving at night?
LOUD music and singing, seat dancing, air conditioning.

Do you need lime and salt for tequila shots?
I don’t NEED them, but I prefer at least lime. Delicious.

What is your best useless skill?
I can spread my toes apart really wide and hold someone’s hand with them. Sorry if I now disgust you.

Tall Tees?
No. Ick.


Can’t live without.

Weapon of choice?
Samurai sword. No – a machete. No – potato canon. Ummm…. Nope, samurai sword for sure.

Favorite cosmetic surgery?
I LOVE getting Botox until I can’t smile or lift my eyebrows. And then collagen in my lips until I can’t drink from a cup. I’m considering calf implants, too…

Watch Clair riding with the Nikita team in the Nikita Outerwear Action Photoshoot here!

For more info on Clair, check out


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