The Rad Girls Interview

Wearing snowboarding pants with the butt cheeks cut out at a ski resort just to see how people will react to your bare bum wouldn’t occur to most of us. But for Munchie, Darling Clementine and Ramona Cash, aka the Rad Girls, whose MTV UK show by the same name includes skits called ‘Bridal boxing’, ‘Origins of a clumsy stripper’ and ‘Wheel of puke’, it’s just another walk in the park.

Originally from all over the States, the trio met in Santa Cruz, California, became best friends, joked about making a TV show akin to “Jackass for chicks” and the rest is history…

Laughing happily through our interview, the Rad Girls talk about their gnarliest skate accidents, surf culture, the philosophy behind their crazy antics, and why they don’t need to apologize for being girls.

Where did your nicknames come from?

Munchie: In high school I used to call my friends Munch. And then when we were getting ready for Rad Girls it kind of transferred on over to me. Munchie’s like keebler-elf style, small and cute. It just kind of fits.

Clementine: I grew up in Florida so I’m from the south, so for me it’s the southern element. And Ramona had a box of clementines at her house. So we thought Darling Clementine, that’s perfect.

Ramona: Ramona is an adopted stage name, kind of an alter ego. I was sitting at a traffic light in Santa Cruz and I was thinking, ‘what’s a cool last name?’, and I looked out my window and there was this sticker in front of me that said Cash.

You do everything from walk around with a fake period stain to pretending to be a tramp on the street. You’re obviously not afraid to be crude and rude. What kind of feedback have you been getting about the show so far?

Clementine: (laughs) All kinds.

Munchie: Good and bad.

Ramona: We found that what we do kind of divides people into two camps. People either say, ‘This is fucking great – this is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen’, or they’re like, ‘I hate those girls. They’re disgusting, they’re rude, who do they think they are?’ Very extreme responses.

I think ideally good art is really strong though. It’s better to make something that’s going to really turn people on or off than have a middle-of-the-road forgettable show. The nature of what we do is pretty extreme so it makes sense that the response is also going to be extreme.

Munchie: We do have an expanding fan base. We have a lot of fans that are really excited about what we’re doing and they give us positive feedback. We’ve found that a lot of groups like us. High school kids, single moms, the gay community…

How were the Rad Girls born?

Ramona: Well there was a nurse in this hospital…

Basically it kind of started as a joke with different ideas – like the girl walking around with a period stain on her ass. I was visiting my old friend Liz in New York who is the second producer of the show now and at the same time Jason Martinez, who’s the producer. So I shared my idea with him and we decided to go for it and soon we were filming and turning it into something real.

Do you all surf?

Clementine: Cash and Clementine surf but Munchie’s gonna learn how to wake surf. We put her behind a boat the other day and dragged the shit out of her.

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Wheel of Puke
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Check out a clip of the girls in action…

The Smell-Evator
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Check out a clip of the girls in action…

Lunch Burp
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For more Rad Girls action, check out the Rad Girls website.

Words: Tiffanie Wen


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