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Britta's articles

Cooler x O'Neill: Suzi Kemp's custom Xmas crackers

Red and green isn't really our ambassador's thing

Is London over? We ask Cooler creatives

London has been getting a lot of bad press, is it time to finally follow the sun, the snow, or at least cheap rents?

Peachy N Keen - GIRLS

Peachy N Keen - GIRLS

Kassia Meador Launches Super Stylish Wetsuit Collection

"For myself and all the other mermaids out there"

Mia Meets... Jen McColl

Jen McColl changing nail art as we know it!

Amelia's Magazine is 10 years old!

We're happy to announce that Amelia's Magazine will be back in print for a very special gold foiled 10th birthday edition

Can fashion really be ethical? We chat to Fair-a-porter founder Alex Bohn

Alex decided to start her own ethical fashion blog Fair-a-porter and only give companies a platform that care about transparent and ethical production.

Cody Wilds: Turning London river banks into a wild flower haven

Mia Kingsley has been made youth ambassador of Cody Wilds, a project aiming to turn the inner city London banks of the river Lea into a wild flower haven

Mia Meets... Liv Thurley

Meet Liv, an artist who’s not afraid to use a bit humour

Referendum Special: Friends of Cooler on Scottish Independence

We decided to post about politics this morning and not Fashion Week - it's all about priorities!

Abbey Watkins for VOLCOM

We had a little chat about reported images, freedom of expression and growing up in the countryside

Mia Meets... Ahida Agirre

Meet Ahida, think pastel, french country side and all things fairy

Colour by Cooler - the recap

So we casually decided to put on a photo show all about colour in the Surfdome pop-up shop in Old Street station

Colour by Cooler exhibition at Surf Old Street

Colourful photo exhibition, plus free tie-dye, free mags, free zines and more in Old Street station

Pick of the threads: Surfdome wetsuits

It's all about colour panelling and fluorescent hues

Whatever happened to the Cooler interns?

What are ex-interns Maria Pizzeria, Kayleigh Snowden, Dasha Love and Mia Kingsely up to these days?

Pick of the threads: Bikini innovation

We had a little look into our bikini files to dig out some of the most innovative stuff

Annu Kilpeläinen paints boards!

Annu puts paint to board