Your favourite Pro Chat from this year…

As another little pre-xmas-goodie, we decided to re-run some of your favourite pieces from our site again, starting off with the most clicked & read ‘Pro Chat’ this year, one of the stars of Nike’s epic Leave A Message, Laura Enever from Australia!

Interview by Sam Haddad

Do you remember your first surf?
I don’t remember but I have a photo! I was standing straight and facing forward! Haha so I was neither regular nor goofy foot! Glad I figured my stance out! Haha

You were a gymnast when you were little, do you think that helped your surfing?
I don’t think it helped my surfing but it helped my confidence, special awareness and made me fearless! So after saying that I guess it did help my surfing…

Who are your sporting heroes? I read that you surfed with Lisa Anderson in Hawaii, that must have been pretty cool?
Lisa is my hero! I got to go to a camp with her when I was 12 and it was such an amazing experience! She is amazing!


How are you enjoying your rookie year on the ASP, is it how you expected it to be?
Surfing on the world tour is what I have dreamed of doing since I started surfing! It’s been a lot of fun and a truly amazing experience. It’s also been a huge learning curve, I’ve had highs and lows but it’s taught me a lot about myself and my surfing! I just had a big break after getting really run down so I’m feeling healthy and back to my normal self and looking forward to finishing the year off good!

It’s quite an amazing time to be a young female surfer right now, are you enjoying it?
I’m loving it! It’s so fun and exciting and just getting better! We are all such amazing friends and we are all pushing each other in the water so things are only getting better!!

Why are there so many of you ripping right now? Is it just a phase or do you think the level of women’s surfing will go up and up?
Up an up! Women’s surfing is changing 🙂

You posted the Surfing Magazine article on women surfers being washed up at 21 on Facebook, does the thought of that worry you or do you think it’s rubbish?
Not at all! Well, there is always going to be young girls coming up through the ranks and ripping but I’m 19 and I feel like this just the beginning! I feel like I have so much to learn and improve on in and out of the water!

Will Steph Gilmore win another world title?
YEP? 🙂 She is amazing no matter what though.

Leave A Message was pretty special. Were you surprised by the reaction to it?
Leave A Message turned out super cool! It’s was amazing to be apart of and I’m just so happy that Nike wanted to push us all and give us a chance to show the world how we surf! It was straight core action and I think everyone loved it!

How was being shot by Annie Leibovitz?
It was incredible! I remember heading over for the shoot in New York and Nike were keeping it a secret who the photographer was! I actually didn’t know how huge she was until he told me she shot Rihanna the week before me! Haha now I’m her number 1 fan haha she is amazing!

Do you think the Nike campaign will take surfing to a wider audience?
100%. I was so honored (not just as myself but as a surfer) to be put up, alongside some of the worlds best female athletes from sports like tennis and running ect. Some of them probably didn’t know what surfing was! Haha

Do you think there’s enough room on the waves for heaps more surfers!?
Yes as long as everyone is nice!!! Hahha

What with you, Sally Fitzgibbons and Steph Gilmore, why are Aussies so good at surfing?
Haha Sally and Steph are incredible so is Tyler! Haha but I don’t know, maybe because we have so many fun waves in Australia! Or it’s just in our blood!

How does surfing make you feel?

I’ve seen a marriage proposal on your Facebook page, do you have a lot of fans contacting you?
That’s funny, I think every girl on the tour is getting them! I think the boys just want to marry us so they can travel the world surfing the best waves hahaha. Nah, but it’s funny! I’m thankful for the support!

Who are your favourite girls on the ASP tour?
We are all good friends! Everyone is so much fun to be around, especially Alana, Coco and Steph. But all the girls are great!

And who (if anyone) are you most scared to compete against?
All scary!! Hahaha, nah Silvana has so good capoeira moves though! She actually taught me some, so maybe I’m the scariest?

And in case you haven’t watched the epic Leave A Message yet, DO IT NOW!