Surviving City Madness | Grounding Yoga Practice To Stretch Out Your Back And Relax The Shoulders

No matter how hectic your day, always take a few minutes out to ground yourself and breathe....

Everyone gets tense neck and shoulders when they get stressed. It doesn’t matter how physical your job is, whether you’re moving around all day or sat at a desk, physical stress can effect us all.

Yoga is an amazing way to deknot and destress your body when the pressures of modern life have got it feeling stiff and on edge. This routine from the awesome Yoga Carrot is designed specifically to ground you in the middle of a stressful day, and give your back, neck and limbs some much needed time to stretch out and loosen up.

Surviving City Madness | Find Your Urban Zen With Our New Outdoor Yoga Series

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Pose By Pose | A Guide To Our Balance Session

  • Stand at the top of your mat, feet hip width apart.
  • Draw your shoulders up towards your ears and exhale, then roll them down the back
  • SPread all ten toes and plant them down and soften your knees
  • Inhale, arms up to the sky and exhale, draw them back into the centre
  • Repeat, Inhaling and gathering energy and tchi, exhale bring it back
  • Repeat again, inhaling and opening the body, then exhale grounding a centering yourself
  • Bring big toes to touch and inhale and lift your arms
  • Bend your knees, sinking your heels into the ground to come into chair pose
  • Look up towards your fingertips, roll your shoulders down the back and squeeze the knees together
  • Interlace the fingers together and open the heart space and exhale forward fold
  • Interlace the fingers and come into a shoulder stretch, thinking about sending the fists to the front of the mat
  • Breathe in, then breathe
  • Inhale, coming back through Chair Pose
  • Exhale and forward fold
  • Inhale, halfway lift and prepare
  • Exhale, step or float the feet back and take your connecting vinyasa
  • Inhale, lift your heart and exhale lift the hips back into downward facing dog
  • Hands shoulder width apart, feet hip width apart, spread your fingers
  • Come onto the knees, knees as wide as the mat, take a rest in child’s pose

  • Rest in the pose, sinking the weight back in the hips and breathe
  • Coming onto your back set up for back bend
  • Bend your  knees, bringing the soles of your feet to the met, make sure you can tickle your heels with your fingertips
  • Inhale, then exhale peeling your hips off the mat and
  • interlace your fingers under your back and lift your heart up to the sky
  • Ground down through the feet and take five breaths
  • Slowly and with control, lower each vertebrae and roll down until our hip are back on the mat  
  • Take your feet as wide as the mat and gently sway your knees from side to side
  • Second round of back bends, either take bridge again or press up to full wheel pose
  • Take five breaths and then lower with control
  • Draw knees towards chest and go into Happy Baby
  • Rock and roll up and down the spine
  • Ground down through sit bones, lift the arms
  • Exhale forward fold, reach forward and place hands around the feet
  • Draw shoulders away from the ears and use your breathe
  • Inhale create space, exhale and forward fold
  • Lay back into your final pose, Savasana
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