Surviving City Madness | Playful Yoga Session To Revitalise Your Body

Wake up your body with this yoga routine and keep your mind and body alert and awake all day long...

Over the last few years, yoga has become a big business and a serious fitness industry. Once seen as an easier and fun alternative to exercise, its now widely understood to be a difficult discipline in its own right.

While we all now understand yoga’s serious mental and physical benefits, that doesn’t mean we have to lose the fun from our practice. Adding playfulness into our yoga, trying headstands and more challenging balance work not only boosts us mentally, it also tests our muscles to try things we wouldn’t usually attempt.

Sunrise Yoga Session To Energise The Body And Focus The Mind

This video featuring Rebecca Bradley from Yoga Carrot is all about using play in your yoga workout to build strength and fitness. From headstands, to crow pose and some seriously impressive core work, this routine is full of the awesome poses you wanted to achieve when you first discovered yoga. Try to add some of these moves into your normal yoga routine, to challenge yourself and get deeper into your poses.

The best fitness routine is backed up with a healthy and nutrient rich diet, full of the things that our body needs to build muscle, repair and recover after difficult workouts. Cherries and cherry juice is great for easing muscle soreness after exercise, because of their anti inflammatory properties. If you go hard in your yoga practice and know that your muscles will be feeling the next day, add cherries into your meals or drink some cherry juice for faster recovery of strength. that way, you can be back on your mat and into your headstands as soon as possible.

Pose By Pose | A Guide To Our Play Session

Part 1

  • Come to Navasana (boat pose) and bring your hands back to your knees, ground down through the sit bones and lift up through the sternum.
  • Either stay here with hands behind your knees or extend arms in front, breathe.
  • Cross your ankles, roll over the toes and take a vinyasa
  • Inhale and move into downward facing dog
  • Spread fingers and ground through thumb and index finger
  • Rise onto the tiptoes, soften knees and jump to malasana squat, taking the feet as wide as the mat.
  • Lower hands to floor and move into Mālāsanaa crow pose, resting knees into triceps and lift one or both toes off the floor, transferring your weight forward.
  • Either hold or take into a tripod headstand, lowering the crown of your head down to the mat.
  • Extend feet to the sky, pointing the toes
  • Lower knees to chest, using your core. Lean back into crow pose and step or float your feet back.
  • Inhale and rise the heart, exhale and move into downward facing dog
  • Bring your thumbs to touch and come onto your forearms, interlace your fingers and walk toes into dolphin pose.
  • Either stay in dolphin or rock forward and backwards
  • Lower the knees and come to child’s pose, resting your shoulders
  • Interlace fingers and come back to your forearms, lower crown of head into your hands
  • Lift the sit bones high and walk toes as far as your hamstrings will allow, either stay here or extend legs to the sky to come into a headstand
  • Slowly bend your legs and go into pike to work the core further
    Lower legs with control, come to the knees and rest in child’s pose.
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